The programs and projects of the L.A. County Commission on Human Relations are designed to meet the needs of cities and residents in addressing intergroup tensions and in promoting communities that are respectful and inclusive of all its citizens. The Commission seeks to improve human relations by working to transfer prejudice into acceptance, inequity into justice, and hostility into peace. Our work addresses three primary program strategic priorities: engaging youth in social justice leadership, increasing the equity of criminal justice systems, and strengthening hate crime prevention and response.

Engaging Youth in Social Justice Leadership

In our endeavor to transform prejudice into acceptance we equip youth with values, knowledge, skills, and confidence to lead in establishing and maintaining justice in their communities.

LACCHR staff trains and coaches staff of schools and other youth-serving organizations to create and implement customized strategies for preparing youth for and involving them in justice action.

Annual Youth Conference

RISE UP for Humanity: Justice for the Forgotten is a youth leadership conference created to raise consciousness and build a progressive youth network in LA County. Participants are engaged in empowering social justice and human relations workshops and provided with technical support to create human relations change efforts in their schools.

Yearly, Rise Up hosts over 200 youth and 50 adults from over 20 high schools in Los Angeles County that participate in 3 sessions with over 20 workshops facilitated by professionals and experts in their fields. Some of the subject areas covered in past workshops have included climate change, xenophobia, homelessness, history, leadership, prisons, poverty, sexism, racism, homophobia, healthy diet, trauma, healing, colonization, video production, photography, song writing, poetry, writing, murals, gardening, cooking, yoga, and meditation.

Past Speakers have included: Immortal Technique, Poet Mayda Del Valle, 2014-15 Youth Poet Laureate Amanda Gorman, Mike de La Rocha (CEO Revolve Impact), Jasmine Abdullah (Black Lives Matter), Get Lit Poets, Najeeba Syeed J.D., janaya khan (Black Lives Matter), Dr. AnnMaria De Mars, Temryss Lane M.A., JoAnna Harper, Dr. Loni Cupchoy and Margaret Prescod (KPFK Host).

  • Annual Youth Retreat
  • Youth Coalition
  • Diversity Day


An L.A. County Collaborative of the Department of Public Health, the Parks & Recreation Department, and the Workforce Development, Aging, and Community Services Department

Los Angeles County Human Relations Commission staff provide Human Relations trainings to help schools and communities become safer and more inclusive. As part of this ongoing effort, Human Relations staff members currents are collaborating with other county departments to train youth-serving professionals on conflict resolution, implicit bias and prejudice, inclusion, and healthy relationships. This effort also includes support for equipping and engaging youth to expand social justice in their communities and advocate for needed social action. The youth workers apply the learnings from the training by integrating them into their regular work with youth groups. As a result, the young people gain knowledge and skills for turning their communities into beacons of hope against intolerance and human trafficking.