A Los Angeles businessman and writer, Commissioner Dove has served more than 20 years as a human relations and economic development professional at the federal, state, and local levels of government, including the Governor’s Office, the Mayor’s Business Development Office, the U.S. Housing and Urban Development Office (HUD), and the White House, as Budget Analyst. Most recently Mr. Dove has served as advisor to heads of foreign governments. Commissioner Dove is proud to have received early career mentoring from former Supervisor John Anson Ford and from L.A. Human Relations Commission Charter Executive Director John Buggs. Known for developing the “Chitling I.Q. Test” in the wake of the First Watts uprising and for co-authoring the original Philadelphia Plan while with the Labor Department in Washington, Mr. Dove’s company, A.D. Associates, provides cultural diversity training and consulting services.

Mr. Dove was appointed to the Commission on Human Relations on January 21, 1997. He was nominated by and represents the Second Supervisorial District.