The Bricks and the “Respect 101:Empathy, Empowerment and Integrity”Tour

12 The Commission conducted a countywide search for musically talented youth to create a band that would communicate about critical societal issues to teens using the universal language of music. Eight LA County “at-risk” youth, ages 16-19, were chosen to participate in this innovative program and they formed the band, “The Bricks.” This project is a component of the Commission’s “no haters here!“ youth initiative in collaboration with the non-profit organization, Oneness.

The Bricks are engaged in the “Respect 101: Empathy, Empowerment and Integrity” tour in which entertainers and mentors tour Los Angeles county’s juvenile halls, probation camps, and high schools, bringing an empowering message of hope, resilience and inspiration to youth. At each of these events approximately 200 youth engage in a meaningful dialogue with entertainers, mentors, and band members who share stories and information to help these youth make better choices and reduce violence in their lives and communities. This powerful program is designed to reduce hate and hate incidents among these youth.