Sandi Mitchell, a retiree, joined the Human Relations Branch of Community and Senior Services in 2013. As a retiree, she works on short-term projects that warrant her expertise on an as-needed basis. Her current work assignment is Project Supervisor of a CDC-funded grant received by the Department of Public Health to design and implement a training program on Implicit Bias for DPH staff. LACCHR is partnering with DPH to produce a communication procedural guidebook, communication templates, and online learning module, a train-the-trainer module and in-person training for DPH staff. This project will include recommended strategies and activities to assist with breaking the prejudice habit of Implicit bias with the underlying understanding of social determinants as it relates to health equity. At the end of this project, DPH and trained staff will be able to provide on-going support for the curriculum developed by this project.

Sandi retired from the Los Angeles County in 2006 with 34 years of service. Her experience for the last 20 years of her County career was in Contract Management where she supervised staff who managed various social services contracts. Sandi earned her Master of Organizational Management degree with emphasis on Organizational Development, from Antioch University Los Angeles.