Safe Schools/Healthy Students at WIN Schools

The Commission is partnering with LAUSD, several other county departments, and community based non-profit organizations on the federally-funded “Safe Schools and Healthy Students” program at WIN schools, Washington Preparatory High School (WP) and its feeder schools, now in its third year. The Commission’s “no haters here! ” school-based program at WIN schools is intended to promote healthy intergroup and intragroup relations in the school communities and the surrounding neighborhoods.

Commission staff members have worked with Commission staff members have worked with school wellness facilitators, administrators, parents, teachers, and students to implement activities, classes, and presentations that promote peace and unity. During WPHS’s inaugural “no haters here! Week”, there was a marked increase in positive student interactions. WIN schools also have held activities such as celebrations of students who acted as “allies” of those targeted by harassment and special days to promote better human relations within their school communities. These continuing activities are designed specifically to improve human relations at WIN school campuses and in the surrounding neighborhoods, thus preventing hate, hate incidents, and hate crimes while providing a structure to address any incidents that do occur.