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“Regardless of Form, prejudice backed by power deprives another person of his or her right” – Mohammad Ali,1996


With a small staff and a large, diverse county of nearly 10 million people to  serve, one of the primary ways the Commission works to improve human  relations countywide is by helping cities increase their capacity to address  their own intergroup issues. A significant part of this work, we have found,  involves providing the right resources at the right time. Whether it’s working  with the Hate Crime Coordinator of your local police department,  community based organizations that are able to help victims of hate crimes,  human relations programs that teachers and principals can implement in their  schools, or language specific resources for immigrants, resources are key.  Over the course of our fifty-year history we have come to consistently utilize  several community-based resources – this database was designed to share  these valuable assets with you. One of the obstacles we encounter in doing our work is the dearth of resources in  certain communities throughout the county. This database is also meant to call  attention to these areas so that needed resources might be brought to these  underserved areas. Your help is crucial in this effort.

Please contact us to let us know of human relations  resources in your community that we should include in our database. Thank you!!!



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