Language & Culture Specific Resources

Sub Categories:

Latino / Hispanic

    1. Art Share Los Angeles

          Organization’s Programs
             Building Language and Art Skills Together (BLAST)
   2. Bienestar Human Services
          Organization’s Programs
             Every Youth Counts
   3. Bilingual Foundation of the Arts 
   4. Central American Resource Center (CARECEN)
          Organization’s Programs
             CARECEN Kids Camp
             College/University Internships
             Nueva Generacion/Youth Leadership Internships
             Youth Leadership Community Building Initiative
   5. Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles (CHIRLA)
          Organization’s Programs
             Immigrant Anti-Discrimination and Tolerance Program
   6. Community Coalition
          Organization’s Programs
             Greater Resources Through Organizing and Working (GROW)
             People on Welfare (POW)
             South Central Youth Empowered thu Action (SC-YEA)
   7. Innercity Struggle 
   8. Loyola Law School, Center for Conflict Resolution
          Organization’s Programs
             Conflict Resolution Training
   9. Martin Luther King Dispute Resolution Center (MLKDRC) 
   10. Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund (MALDEF) 
   11. National Conference for Community and Justice – Los Angeles (NCCJ-LA)         Publications and Materials
          Organization’s Programs
             Latino/a College Leadership Institute
   12. National Hispanic Media Coalition 
   13. Nosotros/Hispanic Americans for Fairness in the Media 
   14. Proyecto Pastoral at Dolores Mission
          Organization’s Programs
             Camarada/Mentorship Program
             Imaginando Mañana (Imagining Tomorrow): Pico-Aliso Community Team Outreach (IMPACTO)
   15. Self-Help Graphics & Art 
   16. UCLA Chicano Studies Research Center
          Organization’s Programs
             Faculty and graduate student research support
             Public Program

Asian / Pacific Islander

   1. Asian American Artistry 
   2. Asian American Economic Development Enterprises, Inc. 
   3. Asian Business Association of Orange County 
   4. Asian Business Association of San Diego 
   5. Asian Pacific American Dispute Resolution Center 
          Organization’s Programs
             Trainings in Mediation, Conflict Resoluion, and Community Conflict
   6. Asian Pacific American Legal Center (APALC) 
          Organization’s Programs
             Hate Crime Victim Assistance Project
             Immigration and Citizenship Unit
             Immigration Welfare Unit
             Language Hotlines
             Legal Services Unit
             The Voting Rights & Anti-Discrimination Unit
             Workers’ Rights Unit
   7. Asian Pacific Health Care Venture 
   8. Asian Professional Exchange (APEX) 
   9. Asian-American Legal Defense and Education Fund (AALDEF) 
   10. Asian-American Media Development (AAMD) 
   11. Asians & Pacific Islanders for Reproductive Health 
   12. Association of Asian Pacific Community Health Organizations 
   13. Cambodian Association of America 
   14. Chinatown Service Center 
          Organization’s Programs
             Alzheimer’s Disease Program
             API Cares
             Youth Opportunities Program
   15. Chinese American Professional Society 
   16. Filippino American Chamber of Commerce of San Diego 
   17. Japanese American Citizens League 
   18. Japanese American Cultural and Community Center (JACCC) 
   19. Japanese American National Museum 
   20. Japanese American Network 
   21. Khmer Girls in Action (KGA) 
   22. Korean American Coalition (KAC), 4.29 Center 
   23. Korean Youth and Community Center (KYCC) 
   24. Leadership Education for Asian Pacifics, Inc. (LEAP) 
   25. Little Tokyo Service Center, Inc. (LTSC) 
   26. Magellan Amateur Radio Repeater Network 
   27. Media Action Network for Asian Americans (MANAA) 
   28. National Asian Pacific American Legal Consortium (NAPLC) 
          Organization’s Programs
             Online Hate Crime Poll
   29. Nikkei for Civil Rights and Redress (NCRR) 
   30. Organization of Chinese Americans (OCA) 
   31. Philippine American Bar Association (PABA) 
   32. U.S. Federation of Philippine American Chambers of Commerce, Inc. 
   33. UCLA Asian American Studies Center 
   34. Vietnamese League of Orange County, Inc. 
   35. Young Koreans United of U.S.A. (YKU) 

Native / American Indian

   1American Indians in Film and Television 

   2. UCLA American Indian Studies Center 

White / Caucasian

   1. Dialogue Consultants 

          Organization’s Programs
             White Identity
   2. Richstone Family Center 

Arab / Middle Eastern

   1. American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) 
   2. Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR)         Publications and Materials 
          Organization’s Programs
             Hate Crime Prevention Program
   3. MPAC National Hate Crimes Hotline 


   1. Armenian Educational Foundation 
   2. Armenian Relief Center (ARC) 
   3. Armenian Relief Society (ARS)         Publications and Materials 
          Organization’s Programs
             Armenian Education
             Child, Youth & Family Guidance Center
             Humanitarian Assistance
             Social Services
   4. Facing History And Ourselves         Publications and Materials 
          Organization’s Programs
             The Armenian Genocide – A History Lesson
   5. Hamazkayin – Armenian Cultural & Educational Society 
   6. Homenetmen: Armenian General Athletic Union & Scouts 
          Organization’s Programs
             St. Mesrob Emblem

South Asian

   1. South Asian Helpline and Referral Agency (SAHARA) 
   2. South Asian Network (SAN) 
          Organization’s Programs
             Anit -Hate Crime Program
             Breast Cancer Education and Prevention
             Domestic Violence
             Health Care Access
             HIV/AIDS Education Prevention
             Tobacco Education and Prevention

Black/African American 

   1. National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) 
   2. Ralph J. Bunche Center of African American Studies at UCLA 
   3. USC The Center for Back Cultural and Student Affairs 

Funding Ethnic & Culture Specific Work

   1. California Wellness Foundation 


   1. African Community Resource Center Inc.