Countywide Equity Initiative

The Countywide Equity Initiative grew out of board motions in August 2016 and in April 2017. The first motion emphasized training for public safety officials to reduce the influence of implicit bias and strengthen relationships between the County and communities we serve. The second motion expanded that emphasis to include all departments and also called for the review and assessment of best practices, implementation of relevant MAPP goals, design of specific plans including related costs, and countywide convenings to promote awareness, commitment, and skill development.
These Board actions assigned shared ongoing oversight responsibility for the initiative to the County Department of Human Resources and the County Commission on Human Relations (Department of Workforce Development, Aging, and Community Services). The intention is for LA County to be a national model of equity. This means each employee and every department will be fully aware of what equity is and why it’s important and fully engaged in making it a daily reality in our interactions with each other and our communities.
The following components are essential to actualize this vision.
Department Engagement
     Department-specific Commitments
     Relevant MAPP Goals
     Dedicated Department Teams or Units
Countywide Coordination
     Countywide Equity Leadership Team
     Inter-Departmental Teams
               Personnel and Training
               Contracting and Procurement
               Budget and Policy
                Community and Stakeholders
     Ongoing Interdepartmental Communication
               Web-based Network
               Regular Reports
               Periodic Gatherings
Annual Equity Summits